Such a little gem of a video found which is almost 15 years old. I’m hanging out with Joe Peps, Alonzo and Caxo. Just kicking it inside of what we called the Xicano Mansion. It was a 5 bedroom house in the hills of Highland Park in which 5 artists lived. Atleast that’s how it all started, Pete Carillo, Joe Galarza, Ozomatli and I. Hmmm. someone is missing. This is way back in the memory banks. Anyhow, later Frijol and Neza moved in our two Xolotl SuinclesMexican Hairless’ . Later, after that, I moved out, my brothers Gabriel Baltazar aka La Gotika and Adrain Baltazar moved in. Marisol also lived there after she married Joe Galarza. I have a lot of great footage from that time, so many parties, events, dinners, dramas and most of all lots of art being made.

Love Under Lust

I have been working on writing a script for a movie I have been working on since circa 2003. I have footage from back then in which I would like to incorporate with recent and upcoming footage. I will be using this blog to formulate ideas and test clarity. Please feel welcomed to comment or offer any constructive criticism.

Notes on photos for Love Under Lust.

Notes on photos for Love Under Lust.

Love Under Lust is a story about an artist R who is in love with his youthful struggle towards creating a masterpiece. The greatest work of all time which will guarantee him eternal life. He is in Lust with C. Although, he thinks he is in Love with E. Unfortunately, he does not yet know what love is. He is more familiar with Lust.

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