Tochtli's Vision, 3:52



Sal, Tierra y Libertad



El Nuevo *13

Video, 4:56


Bread and Circuses

Promotional video for performance


Los Doppelgängers 2011
Video 2:24


Costume Race 2011
Video 18:08







Year of the Wabbit 2011
video 1:49


Tochtli 7 (the Aztec bunny) at Fresno X-mas Parade


The Turtle vs. The Bunny (Tochtli 7)


El Rey



Tochtli 7 (the Aztec bunny) performs Artist for President                         text by Meg Cranston

Video 13:10


Los Conejitos conquistadores Drop it Like It's Hot!

Video 4:28



How Tochtli Ended Up On the Moon

Video 4:00

Waiting for Pee Bo

Waiting for Pee Bo

Video 16:37

Falling Down

Falling Down

Video, 7:34


Falling Down/ A Karaoki Tale

Video 3:40


Dear God

Video 3:50